Imagine looking up on the train and seeing the person opposite you reading your book...

Imagine people dropping into your inbox to tell you how your book has changed their life…

Imagine your book effortlessly selling your products and programmes...

Or being invited to your dream speaking gig...!

Well, this could be your reality! Only, you need to write the darn thing first. And I KNOW that you likely have that nagging voice of doubt chipping away at your confidence, creating a massive block to your book publishing dream. Or you don’t know where to begin or how you’re going to find the time. Or maybe you’re just so sick of doing it alone...!

Introducing the Author Accelerator monthly membership – a community of budding writers and indie authors who want to make a positive impact … one word at a time.

Whether you’re into non-fiction or fiction, children’s books or instructional manuals, the Author Accelerator has everything you need to write, design and launch your book(s), not to mention a wealth of support and encouragement so you never have to feel like you’re doing it alone.

YES you're busy. YES Amazon is a crowded marketplace. YES self (or indie) publishing is still (often) viewed as 'inferior' to traditional publishing (you'll find elitism in every industry). And NO, it's NEVER too late. Whatever your age, ability, skills or expertise, or how many times your teacher scribbled over your best writing with red pen, nothing – and I mean NOTHING – need stand in your way of becoming an author ... and a bestselling one at that (if that's your goal). If you are living and breathing and reading these words in this moment, right now, then you have every right to publish a book (and make bank in the process).

What to expect:


10-minute writing sprints throughout the week via FB Live to give you a little bit of focused, distraction-free writing time – less really is more!


Access to a training hub of bite-sized 'how to' tutorials covering every step of the self-publishing process with new videos added each month. [NB: this library will build over time & will not be immediately available.]


A monthly group Q&A call plus masterclass to get feedback, discuss ideas, clear blocks, and dive deeper into the self-publishing process.


Get support and accountability from a group of awesome people who share your book writing and publishing dream as well as direct access to me. [NB: a Facebook account is required.]

Author Accelerator is ideal for you if:

you want to develop your writing skills, keep your writing on track, and be held accountable by a supportive group who want the best for you (and your book)

you plan to self-publish but don't have a clue where to begin or how to market your book

you have dreams of writing full-time or leveraging your book to grow your business

PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN £10/£20/£30 per month

  • Weekly dedicated writing sprints
  • Monthly live Q&A session
  • Monthly masterclass
  • Access to instructional tutorials covering every aspect of self-publishing, with new videos added monthly

Have a question?

Yes. But not for you. Whatever you pay today will be the same amount you pay for the duration of your membership.

I appreciate that everyone's financial situation is different and I want my content to be accessible to all. There are no extra perks or bonuses for paying more – everyone gets the same content and is treated as an equal human being. I only ask that if you can afford a higher subscription, then please do (I'm trusting your integrity on this one). I believe in equity and want my pricing to reflect this. 

As little or as much as you want. And no, I won't preach 'you get out what you put in' because I recognise that everyone's lives and circumstances are different. The group is there to support you, whatever stage of writing you're at. And remember: life is a marathon, not a sprint (and that goes for writing and publishing too). 

No. The writing sprints are short, 10-minute bursts of focused writing time for those who want to write alongside others. But they are not mandatory. Do what works for you and your circumstances.

No. If you want to attend a live Q&A session but are unable to, you will have the opportunity to submit your question(s) in advance. All live calls will be recorded. There is also ample opportunity to ask for feedback/guidance within the group.

Yes. Inky Soup offers editing & proofreading, and book cover design and formatting services. All members receive 10% discount on Inky Soup services (excluding dedicated marketing & publishing support via our partner, Team Author UK).  

Ready to turn your book dream into reality?

Hi, I'm Michelle, founder of Inky Soup!

I'm an author and compiler of various books (Boys Do cry, Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass, Not Another Parenting Book, Uncaged), illustrator (Just As You Are, The Sockness Monster, The Fairy Trail, Ted and His Patches), and book designer, editor and ghostwriter (of many). I get so much joy helping indie authors fulfil their book publishing dream!

From editing, ghostwriting and publishing through to interior and cover design, I've been involved in every step of the book publishing process. And now, with a team of freelancers and indie publisher collaborations, Inky Soup is here to provide you with everything you need to share your message and make your book dream a reality.